James Ellie Taylor


My mother has always called me “James Baby”! Well not to any surprise, I am the last of three. There is a ten-year gap between my brother and I and eight with my sister, so for the most part I was the child that very often spoke to himself in the house, once my siblings went to college. Other than Sponge Bob, cat dog, I have always loved to watch sports, Wrestling being my all-time favorite form of entertainment/sport as I was blessed to spend uncountable hours watching this sport with my dad (talk about farther/son bonding time). I generally can say that I love everything sports! “James Ellie! Who are you speaking with” I would hear her voice calling out as she peaks through my door, and I would start laughing. On my way to school each morning, I had her audience as I recapped and summarizes the different sport events that had happened the night before. In time I mastered the art of being a radio personnel, in College I was privileged to have the James and Christian sports radio show slotted every Friday, where I was honored to have some celebrities join in on the show, Joey and Stephen Graham,( NBA), William McDonald (European, China and Japan, basketball leagues). In this age of technology and digital media, I have been privileged to streamed, plenty of WWE/WWF shows and have reached an even bigger audience mainly overseas, as amazing as it would seem, a leaf does not fall far from a tree. After my very first show as I replayed it back for my mother, I saw the tears run down her cheeks, she was reminiscing about her late father, a brilliant professor in all aspects music, an accomplished singer, excellent author, best known for his contribution to arranging the Kenyan National Anthem, was a Television and Radio personnel, and my favorite Aunt was also a DJ with her own radio shows such as Sun Downer, Housewives Choice and Late date, now I get it, that is where all this passion came from. Still young and have much more to learn, Follow your dream follow your passion.




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